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The company

Petrochemical equipment is the present core business of ABO S.r.l - a small-sized, though lean and modern, company located in Northern Italy near Milan.

ABO S.r.l. was founded in 1985 with the sole production of metal jacketed gaskets, but 1999 can be regarded as an important turning point in the history of our company.

We decided in fact to relaunch it by expanding our product range, thus manufacturing various kinds of gaskets, such as spiral wound and kammprofile ones. In the past few years however our business has been developing so rapidly that our product range can now boast from any kind of gasket, through parts for heat exchangers, to piping, fittings, and flanges used in the petrochemical field.
In a short span of time we have been growing very fast as to turnover and number of employees, thanks to our dynamic and lively approach to market, our professionalism and good-value products. As a company we act both locally and internationally, in that we sell our products both abroad and throughout Italy.

In the near future however we plan to expand our business internationally, specializing in more and more technological products and being supported by a well-organized network of agents.

We firmly believe in the importance of continuous research for up-dated construction materials having increasingly better performance.
Quality is our ultimate goal. This is the very reason why we apply a quality-oriented way of working, and aim for true quality throughout the whole process, from certified raw material suppliers, through the manufacturing process in itself, down to shipment. As a matter of fact all our numerous products – as well as the materials we use - comply with international standard rules, such as DIN, ASME, ANSI, ASTM, TEMA, although we also manufacture products according to our customers' drawings to fully meet their special requirements.